Printmaker artist Liili Mõtuste was a Master of Arts, who created a significant art career in Finland as well as in Estonia. Liili was born in 1950 into a Finnish family in Pärnu, Estonia. In 1973 she graduated from Tallinn University of Art, degree of Master of Arts. After working for years as a free artist in Estonia, in 1991 Liili moved to Finland to her roots. She created a successful career as a printmaker in Finland as well, last 10 years in Turku.

Mõtuste concentrated on metal graphic techniques and intaglio printing: etching, vernis mou soft ground, aquatint. The signature of Liili Mõtuste´s art is masterly drawing skills as well as perfect usage of line and colours and management of graphic techniques.

The subjects, born from everyday life and dreams, tell about survival of a tiny human being, a struggle to fulfil one´s dreams. They also encourage viewers to notice the joyful side of life and to believe in miracles.